Community Water Supply

A community tube well, such as the one pictured here typically serves 6 to 10 families. Often, this is the first time in their lives that these families have access to a deep well that provides clean water. The impact on their lives is dramatic. The clean water improves the health of the individuals in the community, and many children formerly tasked with carrying water all day long can now go to school. LEI trains local technicians in sound well-drilling practices to ensure that all water wells are constructed properly, sealed to prevent contamination, and provide water from deep, clean aquifers. In addition, LEI provides system maintenance and repair training to selected community members. These individuals receive income from the user fund as they operate the systems for years to come.

Your donation of $1000 provides a tube well, materials, local labor, and associated education programs to a village.


Before well installation communities must have latrines installed to ensure protection of water resources. LEI provides materials and skilled labor for latrine construction.
Each household must provide unskilled labor (pit digging) and pay a small fee towards materials. Once latrines are installed and health education programs are underway, LEI proceeds with tube well construction.

Your donation of $200 provides latrine materials and skilled construction labor for an entire family. 

Income Generation

In order for a community-based project to be successful, the project recipients must be organized, learn credit and savings skills, and participate in a “fee” system that will pay for long-term maintenance of water supply equipment after construction is complete. To that end, LEI works to help create income sources for women in the poorest communities by providing tailoring classes and literacy training. LEI also supports women in the Maithali community to pass on their traditional art skills to younger generations. This provides income and also helps preserve cultural heritage and identity. Asha, one woman pictured here, was a participant in the LEI income-generation program. She now earns 3,000 rupees ($40 US) a month through her own business, which allows her to pay her portion of the water supply maintenance fund, and allows her to send her children to school. Your donation of $100 will send a woman, like Asha, to a 3-month comprehensive training course.

A donation of $3000 will enable 40 women to attend. This training enables each woman to create much needed family income.