Our Mission

Empowering communities to protect their health and environment through the sustainable use of water resources.

Our Story

The Living Earth Institute (LEI) is a Seattle-based non-profit 501(3)(c) organization founded in 1999 to aid international communities in developing sustainable water resources. Our primary focus is the development of water supply and sanitation projects; however, through experience, we know that in order to make these projects sustainable, we must take a holistic approach. This means that we work with the community to implement income generation training, micro-lending programs, literacy classes, hygiene education, and other programs to meet community-defined needs

Our Board

The Living Earth Institute (LEI) was founded by a small group of people in Seattle in 1999. All LEI board members are volunteers, allowing donations to go directly to the communities we serve.


A professional engineer with over 30 years experience in regional and international infrastructure development. She first worked as a water supply and sanitation engineer in Nepal as a Peace Crops volunteer in the early 1980s. Since then, she has worked in the environmental engineering field with the Washington State Department of Ecology, then as the director of the King County regional wastewater treatment utility, and is currently serving as the Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Bureau of Wastewater Treatment. In 1999, she co-founded the Living Earth Institute (LEI) and has been actively involved ever since.




With 16 years of experience working in the non-profit sector, and a Master’s degree in Social Work from NYU, Amanda Wager brings to the board both perspective and passion. Since her first steps in Kathmandu in 2013, Amanda has immersed herself in finding nonprofits that work with the communities of Nepal. Once Living Earth Institute was discovered by Amanda, there was no turning back. By the fall of 2013, Amanda was on the board with LEI, serving as their Secretary. Going to Nepal and seeing first hand the work that LEI does, is outstanding. Through this experience more opportunities has arisen and Amanda now serves on the board of the Bo M Karlsson Foundation; empowering women through education. While she enjoys the active life she has built in Seattle, she looks forward to enrich the country she considers her “home

Our Partners