The Living Earth Institute has been engaged locally in Nepal to decipher the best ways we can help the people of Nepal after a most devastating tragedy. Our recommendation is to immediately support grassroots efforts and engage over time on a more higher level in partnership with Gates Foundation, WHO, UN, etc.

One great place for your support and the best team on the ground now at the local level is Red Cross In Kathmandu. This organization operates autonomously, can use funds directly for relief efforts. LEI’s connections in Nepal vouch for the work and integrity of the Kathmandu Red Cross as the quickest way to respond to the disaster at this stage. We have partnered with a local 501c(3) organization- Newah Organization of America, Seattle, WA Chapter- to direct donors to their online Pay Pal system.

Another highly respected, direct-aid, low overhead, effective grassroots based organization is Oxfam America. Oxfam is launching a rapid response to ensure food and water reaches those in need.

Please also support other organizations in Nepal you are comfortable with- every dollar helps!

Next Steps

In addition, our colleague Roshan Raj Shrestha will be traveling to Nepal on May 15th on behalf of the Gates Foundation to discuss the partnership with national and international organizations on disaster response, while at the same time ensuring that your support to this grassroots level approach is executed properly.

Thank you for your help.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact LEI (pamelardo@gmail.compratistha.kansakar@gmail.comFacebook) if you want to find out more and keep informed.